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Jobs: PCs are like trucks

During the recent Wall Street Journal 'D: All Things Digital' conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage to discuss where Apple as a company is today.

While talking about the recent iPad launch and the issue of whether tablets will ever replace laptops and PCs in the future, Jobs said, “PCs are going to be like trucks. Less people will need them… This transformation is going to make some people uneasy. The PC has taken us a long way.”

He also touched upon the recent controversy surrounding the lost (or stolen) iPhone 4G that appeared in an American bar and later all over a US consumer website.

“To make a wireless product work well you need to test it,” he said. “You have to carry them outside. One of our employees was carrying one. There’s a debate about whether he left it in a bar, or it was stolen out of his bag.”

Jobs admitted that the story was gold. “This is a story that’s amazing — it’s got theft, it’s got buying stolen property, it’s got extortion, I’m sure there’s some sex in there… the whole thing is very colorful. Somebody should make a movie out of this.”

The Apple boss said that he was advised to lay off Gizmodo but he decided to pursue the matter out of principle.

“When this whole thing with Gizmodo happened, I got a lot of advice from people that said you’ve got to just let it slide. ‘You shouldn’t go after a journalist because they bought stolen property and tried to extort you.’ And I thought deeply about this, and I concluded the worst thing that could happen is if we change our core values and let it slide. I can’t do that. I’d rather quit.”

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