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Mon, 12th Oct 2009
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kiwi musicians are being invited to help punk icon Iggy Pop in an online project to remake one of his classic tracks.Iggy is going to re-record ‘The Passenger’, one of his best known solo tracks, as part of a promotion from telecommunications company Orcon for its next generation broadband.Orcon CEO Scott Bartlett says Iggy is going to be in the driving seat, reproducing his hit with Kiwi talent.”If you’d like to sing lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonise, play guitar, bass, drums...or anything with Iggy Pop, register with us at www.facebook.com/orcon“We’re looking for eight talented Kiwis who have the right credentials to help Iggy lay down a new version of probably his most classic song. But instead of going in to the studio with him, it’s all going to happen over the internet with the magic of Orcon broadband.“Iggy’s in charge and he will select the musicians to join his band from video auditions they upload to our Web site.”On October 30th, the selected New Zealand band members will connect to Iggy’s Miami studio via the Internet, with everyone in the band laying down their tracks and Iggy singing the vocals.The studio is going to capture all the audio and vocal feeds and create a unique musical and video rendition of ‘The Passenger’. The music and footage is then going to be used to create commercials and a full music video.“As far as we know, nothing like this has been done before, certainly not in New Zealand and not globally as we understand,” Bartlett says.The call for musicians kicks off today (October 7th) and entries close at noon on October 22nd. The final ad will to be available for viewing on the Orcon Web site and on TV on the week commencing November 16th.New Zealanders can follow the search from now and watch the ad being made via live stream on October 30th at www.facebook.com/orcon