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Joytech PSP Accessories

With the launch of the PSP, Joytech are releasing their range of handy accessories for the unit that range from docks, media speakers, car kits and durable covers/cases. One thing that every new PSP owner will sweat over is keeping that big, vulnerable LCD screen clean from scratches.

Joytech have two different styles of casings, the first one being the basic Screen Shield that retails for around $39.95 and includes a docking station for your PSP as well. Neatly screwing onto the top of your handheld (in the holes already provided), the shield flips up and down completely protecting the entire face of your PSP and with a snug fit, doesn’t encroach on the size of the device. The dock included lets you sit your PSP upright on your desk and has charging capabilities - the end result looks very impressive, a similar idea to iPod docking stations, but in black of course. The other option for protection is the rather intimidating “4 in 1” case that looks like it would protect your PSP from a nuclear detonation (don’t try this at home though kids). Again, the case attaches to the top of your PSP but this time allows you to swivel it around, where on the back of the PSP gives you soft hand-grips for extra comfort whilst playing. Not as attractive as the basic shield, but certainly gives you a better feeling of security of mind when in your pocket plus the addition of the non-slip back was a nice touch of ingenuity - the “4 in 1” case retails at around $19.95. Finally, Joytech’s Media Amp is a combo dock and speaker system that comes complete with a remote control allowing you to adjust volume and playback from across the room. Again, like the docking station - you can charge your PSP from the Media Amp and the speakers offer excellent sound output for music or movies - whilst backing up the style of the PSP with its own impressive design. The Media Amp retails at around $69.95 and, like all of Joytech’s accessories can be purchased at most gaming stores around the country (note: The Media Amp is not due out until mid September).

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