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Jury called in Apple v Samsung stalemate

21 Aug 2012

Apple and Samsung fail to make progress in settling their patent lawsuit, meaning a jury will decide America’s largest infringement case.

CEOs from the rival companies met for talks on Monday in a bid to settle the high stakes dispute between the two rivals, but attorney Kevin Johnson told U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh nothing had come from the talk.

“We will see you tomorrow,” said Johnson, in court.

The news means jurors will begin deliberating over a verdict form containing over 700 questions for the multifaceted intellectual property case.

The form runs to 22 pages with 36 main questions split into different categories and further questions given the amount of patents, products and company subsidiaries involved.

Jurors will have to decide if Samsung Electronics infringed on the patents, which includes Samsung Electronics America and Samsung Telecommunications, by examining 24 individual handsets.

Upon completion of the court case Judge Koh asked both sides to explore settlement once again, insisting:

“I see risks here for both sides.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Samsung equivalent Kwon Oh Hyun spoke on the phone but lawyers in the case insisted an agreement could not be reached.