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01 Nov 06

When I heard that the Justice League themselves were getting their own Action RPG style game – I flipped. Would Superman and his pals finally get a game that would do them justice? …pun intended. Aside from the Batman Animated franchise of games, the Justice League and Superman have been given the big shaft in terms of gaming for quite some time, in my opinion. The only exception might be the up-coming Superman Returns game from EA (due out early December this year). But things look promising – firstly, we’re not short on talent for the storyline arc presented in JLH. None other than Dwayne McDuffie (writer of some of the best JLH episodes to grace our screen) penned the story and takes an all-star cast of heroes and villains, that most writers would be bogged down with, and manages to effectively weave them into the games story without sacrificing quality or character degradation. But we won’t ruin it for you – witness it for yourself! Graphically the game is very decent with sharp cinematic cut-scenes and in-game animations which all look great for each heroes melee attacks. Special power effects and animations also come off really nicely and can be very fun to watch and almost get too distracted by. Same goes for the environments, though they are a little small, the maps are extremely detailed and provide a great battle ground for some of the insane battles that go down in the world of the Justice League. Thankfully – this sound is of equal goodness as well. Musically, were given lots of typical superhero styled orchestral pieces, some down and dirty nu-metal based guitar tunes, and some epic battle numbers. The voice acting really gets to shine as well and even though none of the voices from the series were hired for this game - you’d be hard-pressed to spot the differences for most of them! But most importantly - the game is fun. Very fun, from my standpoint. The controls are simple to learn and the power-up system isn’t overly complicated. You level up, are given points, and then spend them to increase the level of your super powers. I’ve found that previous action RPG games (X-Men Legends) focused a little too much on what you were able to do with your powers and the amount of powers you were given. Sometimes, for me, there is such a thing as too much variety. A great story, great voice work, and great action while it lasts makes for a great step in a much welcomed direction for DC comic fans.