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Kameo: Elements of Power

It’s safe to say that the next generation of gaming has finally arrived with the release of the Xbox 360. Out of the large line up of launch titles that the 360 has to offer, one game that stands out is Kameo: Elements of Power. Some may recall this title as the infamous Rare game that had been pushed back and switched to different consoles many times before finding a home on the 360, and what a place to call home. Kameo offers a fun and unique style of gameplay through its very involving puzzles, the many different abilities at your disposal, and the simple yet fun gameplay. On top of gameplay this is also one of the best looking games you will find on the market right now and shows the capabilities that the 360 has to offer. So after several delays and two consoles later, Kameo has finally seen the light of day and it’s something adventure fans should not miss out on.
There is a story to be found somewhere in the game as well. You obviously play through the role of Kameo, an Elf-Princess who has been granted the ability to take the form of many different elemental creatures. Seems though that your sister, Kalus, has become jealous of your good fortune and wants the Enchanted Kingdom, which your family rules over for herself. She then decides to join forces with the evil troll King Thorn. The two then kidnap Kameo’s family and are now on the verge of taking control of the Enchanted Kingdom. So, of course it is up to you to use your powers to not only save your family, but the Kingdom as well from your evil sister and the vicious Thorn.
Before we go any further let us get this out of the way first. The visuals in Kameo are amazing. Besides a very slim few other 360 and PC titles Kameo is the best looking game on the market. Each bright and vivid colour is displayed brilliantly and blends together perfectly to create some of the most beautiful worlds ever seen in a video game. The lighting found here is top notch and proves it when you find yourself in the dim and dreary Badlands all the way to the bright and shining Enchanted Kingdom. Now even though Kameo looks amazing on any TV, you will find that just like practically every other 360 title, the game is not at its visual prime unless you play it on an HD-TV. Besides a matter of what TV you play the game on, Kameo’s visuals are amazing and if anything proves what the next gen of gaming have to offer in terms of visuals. The sound and music are both equally as impressive.
The main attraction of Kameo is in your ability to morph into one of ten different elemental creatures on the fly. Each form has its own unique look and powers that will help Kameo progress through the game and solve the many puzzles laid out throughout the various levels. You will start off the game with 3 of these characters, the icy Chilla, the brawler plant Pummel Weed, and the rolling ball Major Ruin. Afterwards any other form that you can transform into will require you to fight a creature known as a Shadow Troll and defeat him in order to obtain the various forms that shadow troll has captured. It’s no cake walk however since you’ll need to find the entrance to the shadow realm in which these Shadow Trolls dwell in. You’ll need to use your different transformations you have at your disposal to find the entrances to obtain another elemental persona.
The controls are simple and easy to learn since they are always on your display telling you which buttons activates which functions. Your Analog stick is the self-obvious movement control while the A,B,X,Y buttons work as your transformation buttons. You’ll be allowed to transform into 3 of your 10 forms during each level which will be set in the B,X, and Y buttons while turning back into Kameo will always be in your A button. The shoulder and trigger buttons act as attacks and various abilities depending on which form you are using at the current moment. Each character has a wide variety of abilities and the further you progress through the game the more you can upgrade and enhance your powers to make them more deadly and useful.
To sum things up while Kameo may not be a revolutionary platform game, it is still one of the best to be released this year. Between the unique gameplay, wonderful soundtrack, and amazing visuals you are left with a very enjoyable game that any adventure fan should not miss out on. It is only a shame that the game is slightly on the short side for an adventure title. This game may have taken its sweet and precious time to get out on the market, but it has found a great home on the Xbox 360 as Kameo truly shines using the console’s capabilities to give you an amazing game both visually and interactively.     

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