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Never lose your running rhythm: Spotify and Jaybird create an all-in-one music app
Thu, 3rd Aug 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Jaybird is a company that specializes in creating wireless earphones geared towards exercise.

Unique to Jaybird, the MySound app allows users to alter the actual sound of their music on their headphones, to fit their exercise experience.

The new addition to the Jaybird MySound App is in partnership with Spotify, which allows you to explore playlists from other runners and share your own running playlists.

Users can browse playlists from several genres created by Jaybird staff, athletes, and fans.

The Jaybird MySound App already lets users customise their tunes, giving them the option of adding extra bass or making those highs clearer.

This update is the next step for Jaybird, the brand's first app feature to link music and sport.

The developers promise the update means extra musical motivation as well as convenience.

Users won't need to switch between apps while running anymore, eliminating the risk of tripping while looking at your phone.

They promise this is the one app that puts you in the zone and keeps you running.

In an effort to expand the Jaybird community, the company has made this app feature available to anyone, regardless of whether they own a pair of Jaybird earphones.

In a statement on their website the company says, “We made this feature available to anyone, all you need is a free Spotify account to participate.

“We've been testing ways to make the app even better and interactive for a while now, we love giving you your music, your way, and MySound has been amazing in connecting athletes across the world who share a passion for pushing themselves backed by the power of their music.”

“If you're looking for new music to pump up your run, look no further.

Spotify was established in 2008 and it has been dominating the music-streaming industry in recent history.

Spotify provides access to over 30 million songs, it has over 140 million monthly active users, and as of 2017, it has over 60 million paying subscribers.

The company has been the demise of many other music-streaming services and through its clever acquisitions and partnerships, it continues to expand its audience.

The collaboration with Jaybird is simply the latest step on Spotify's road to owning the music-streaming space.