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Key talks Dotcom in Hollywood

John Key's trip to the U.S. has been overshadowed by a powerful Hollywood lobbyist who Kim Dotcom says campaigned for his arrest.

The Prime Minister previously said he did not expect to discuss Dotcom while on a trip to LA to sell New Zealand as a film destination.

But upon meeting Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) CEO Chris Dodd for dinner, Key admitted the topic was mentioned.

"The studios haven't, Chris Dodd did and he really raised it in passing," Key says.

"It wasn't a long discussion but he raised it."

Labour deputy leader Grant Robertson previously said he was convinced the topic would be raised, citing the Megaupload case to be the hottest talking point in the industry.

"This is the number one issue for the MPAA at the moment," Robertson said last week.

"It is inconceivable they would not want to discuss that with John Key and the only reason I can find that it wouldn't be discussed is because John Key had asked for it not to be."

At the time Key's response, through a spokesperson, claimed the trip was aimed at promoting New Zealand as a film location and nothing to do with the Dotcom case.

"The prime minister has previously said he would be surprised if Kim Dotcom came up as an issue for discussion," a spokesperson said.

"As far as the prime minister's office is aware there has been no contact between New Zealand officials and MPAA in advance of the meeting.”

Key's trip comes days after he admitted being briefed over the Megaupload founder's case in February despite claiming to have only found out last week, with a full inquiry pending into the case.

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