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Kiwi nutrition app comes to Android

Kiwi nutrition app Foodeye is now available on Android.

Released last year by Auckland-based company, Images in Space, the app was previously only available on the App Store for iOS.

The app enables people to access accurate, complete and up-to-date information about food products that are commonly available in most supermarkets, and then compare those products to similar ones in their category.

“Foodeye is great for food shoppers who want to make more informed food choices. It is especially ideal for people wanting to lose or gain weight, or who have specific allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements,” the company says of the app. “It’s also very useful for the growing “conscious consumers” movement who want to make ethical choices such as choosing palm oil-free or Fair Trade products.”

Managing director of Images in Space, Barry Pyle, says the uptake of Foodeye in the App Store has been really positive since its release last year, and with the Android version even more people will have the chance to download the app and benefit from it.

“There has been a growing demand from consumers to have more facts on hand about what is really in our food, and we’ve been very pleased with the interest in Foodeye so far,” Pyle says. “It’s been really fascinating to see what people search under most frequently.”

He explains, “The most searched ingredient is gluten and its many variants. This is followed by sugar and fat with the most searched category being breakfast cereals.”

With winter fast approaching, the company says Foodeye is a great tool to help prevent extra kilos from piling on in the colder months. “With Foodeye you can select a food item such as crackers, yoghurt or snack bars and compare the energy, fats, sugars and salt and other nutrients so you can make the best choice for you. It’s actually astonishing what the difference in kilojoules can be across any one food type, so it’s great to be able to compare products using Foodeye,” Pyle says.

For the many New Zealanders who eat a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, Foodeye allows shoppers to quickly examine products using the search function or by scanning the product with the app, and they can exclude allergen ingredients from their search.

Users can set up their own personal notification preferences depending on their dietary goals or requirements and be amongst the first to know of new products to the market, making Foodeye the ‘ideal companion’ for weekly meal planning and food shopping.

The Android version of Foodeye is available for free download in the Google Play store now.