13 Jul 2016
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Kiwis data hungry, finds Chorus

By Shannon Williams

New Zealand has an insatiable appetite for internet data, with the amount of data being consumed by New Zealand growing almost 100% a month since 2015.

That’s according to Chorus, who is forecasting the average monthly household data usage to reach almost 170GB by June 2017, a further 64% increase from the end of June 2016.

Rosalie Nelson, head of insights at Chorus, says this rapid growth in data usage reflects a move to the digital home – the coming together of the ‘smart’ home and high-speed broadband connectivity.

“This exponential rate of growth places New Zealand among some of the most internet data hungry countries in the world,” Nelson says.

“Already more than half (53%) of New Zealanders now watch internet TV and the number of online film and TV platforms has exploded,” she explains.

“But this isn’t just about watching more and more content online, it’s also about the rapid digitisation of our everyday lives,” Nelson adds.

“Broadband as the fourth utility sits at the heart of the home and plays a pivotal role in how we function in our day-to-day lives,” she says.

“Then you have this modern day multiplier effect on the amount of data being consumed by having lots of devices under the one roof competing for bandwidth at once,” says Nelson.

“Two thirds of adult New Zealanders now own or have access to three or more smart devices. On a global scale, by 2022 the OECD forecasts there will be 14 billion connected smart devices, like appliances, phones, computers, cars and watches connected to households in OECD countries,” she explains.

“In terms of future growth in data consumption – we see another big spike coming through the pipeline as the focus in entertainment shifts from increasingly high-definition to immersion with the arrival of virtual reality and 360 degree viewing technologies,” Nelson adds.

Quick facts: · National monthly household average on Chorus’ network surpasses the 100GB milestone; tip of the iceberg as Chorus forecasts almost 170GB by June 2017

· Greater Auckland consumption well above the national average, followed closely by Wellington, Palmerston North, Rotorua and Dunedin

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