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Kiwis 'dislike' Facebook couples page

14 Nov 2012

Facebook has revealed plans to automatically link couples pages in a move widely rejected by New Zealanders.

The social networking site announced a new layout for friendship pages last week, combing posts, photos and events that partners have shared.

For anyone currently "in a relationship" on Facebook, both pages are now automatically synced to show a combined social history on the site.

Every like, mutual friend, tagged photo or wall post appears on the new page, as Facebook once again pushes the boundaries of social exposure on the internet.

For users wanting to access their new digital relationship page, they just need to sign in and visit www.facebook.com/us.

But despite the launch the majority of Kiwis appear against the idea, with one telling the New Zealand Herald:

"It's just yuk. I don't want a page like that for me and my boyfriend because it's our business and no one else's. It's disgusting that they think they can do that."

Critics online are already questioning the move from the social media giant, saying Mark Zuckerberg has "crossed the line" and is "off the mark" with the plans.

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