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Kiwis grabbing gifts online this xmas
Fri, 23rd Nov 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Online retailers are expected to profit this Christmas season as more Kiwis head online to purchase gifts for friends and family.

According to recent findings from a GrabOne commissioned survey, 93.5% of New Zealanders have purchased a gift online over the past year.

GrabOne says the results show kiwis to be "embracing the convenience and range of gifts available online", with 38.9% spending between $50 and $100 and 8.2% over $100 on gifts.

But the majority of the country spend considerably less on gifts for friends than family members with 62.4% indicating they typically spend between $20 and $50 and 27.9% spending up to $20.

“It’s not surprising to see more Kiwis jumping online to purchase gifts for loved ones,” says Campbell Brown, GrabOne marketing director.

“An extensive range, crowd-free shopping without the tedious hunt for a parking space, the incredible bargains that can be found online, and ultimately the convenience, are all making online shopping a more appealing option for busy Kiwis.”

With christmas just over a month away, GrabOne says it is already seeing an increase in customers searching for gifts.

The surge has caused the online retail provider to refine their Store to enable them to work with more merchants, subsequently improving delivery times to Grabbies (GrabOne customers).

Surveying 7,177 customers across New Zealand, almost three quarters of respondents (74.1%) purchased something from GrabOne websites as a gift.

Will you be shopping online this xmas? Tell us your thoughts below