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Knowledge is cool

01 Dec 2010

Just where is that next meal of yours coming from? Australia? China? Canada? Perhaps all three?It’s hard to know when you’re browsing the supermarket shelves because New Zealand does not have mandatory ‘country of origin’ food labelling. This means food products in shops do not have to have any identification on them to say where they are from. All New Zealand’s major trading partner countries have country of origin labelling. New Zealand does not.Cool.org.nz is website dedicated to the idea that Kiwi shoppers have the right to choose the products they buy appropriately, and that includes knowing where those products come from. If you’re a consumer who’s concerned about the characteristics and qualities of the food you’re serving your family, go to cool.org.nz to find out more about country of origin labelling and what you can do to make better decisions when shopping for your family.