FutureFive NZ - Leading the Charge: Electric vehicles unplug and hit the road in NZ


Leading the Charge: Electric vehicles unplug and hit the road in NZ

Last Friday, electric vehicle owners in New Zealand gathered to make a charge (ahem) across the nation.

The annual Leading the Charge event had 17 electric vehicle owners take part, meeting up at Bayfair Shopping Centre in Tauranga as one of the main charging stations/meetup points.

The event aims each year to promote awareness and the all the good stuff that comes with switching from gas to electricity in personal vehicles.

Bayfair’s Centre Manager Steve Ellingford says the event went well, and there was a good amount of interest.

“The event was a huge success. We had many interested people who were there to test drive these vehicles and were genuinely interested in hearing about the benefits of switching to electric,” he says.

“We had people who were very skeptical tell us they hope to be able to purchase an electric vehicle in the near future, which is exactly our aim through these public events.”

The display of long-distance travel via electric vehicle also helps to ease one of the main concerns with making the switch. ‘Range anxiety’ is the fear that drivers may not be able to make it to or return from their destination without running out of battery. Leading the Charge shows that long distance travel is viable, especially with the ever-increasing number of charge stations throughout the country.

Despite transport being responsible for 44% of New Zealand’s carbon dioxide emissions, there are currently only around 3,000 electric vehicles officially registered in New Zealand, according to the Ministry of Transport. The Leading the Charge convoy aims to give these numbers a healthy boost and spread knowledge of the green direction of personal transport.

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