FutureFive NZ - Leaked document proposes changes to Education Act

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Leaked document proposes changes to Education Act

The Government may be looking at changing the Education Act, according to a report by Radio New Zealand after they got their hands on a leaked document.

According to Radio NZ, the Government is considering allowing one principal to run several schools, as well as allowing schools to have more flexible opening hours. 

Schools sharing a board are allowed to share a principal, according to the Education Act, but is unclear in the case of schools having separate boards.

The document suggests the Government consider four specific changes, including extending the National Student Number to be used to support student participation in digital environments. 

Other changes included giving school boards greater flexibility to provide early childhood education and out of school care services.

The changes follow the Taskforce on Regulations Affecting School Performance last year, which was an independent taskforce established to consider how improved legislation and regulation could contribute to the goal of raising student achievement. The report was delivered to the Minister of Education at the end of May 2014.

Changes to the Education Act likely require legislation, which means further consultation is likely to take place.

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