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ZOMBIES: NOT EVERYONE LIKES THEM but once you get a taste for the undead, you can’t to get enough of them. And if you’re the thrill-seeking type who enjoys shooting the brains out of hapless victims of zombie infection, then Left 4 Dead has your name on it. The story focuses on four characters who have somehow survived a wave of infection that has surged across the city. In the single player campaign you choose which character to control and the other three are your backup against the zombie horde. Much like a walk-through for a horror movie, the presentation is fantastic, even down to the movie posters featuring your gamer tag as one of the star attractions.
Controlling your character is straightforward: the right trigger shoots, X uses or picks up items and the directional pad controls your inventory. The emphasis is on teamwork and there’s a campaign option that allows you to buddy up with a friend. But if you’re doing the single player thing, you’ll find the artificial intelligence extremely responsive and intuitive. If you get hurt, you’ll be healed right away and the interface for the game is well designed, allowing you to see the status of everyone in your team at a glance.
Combat is hectic, so you should expect lots of gore, blood and random body parts being blown up, thrown around and eaten along the way. So, clearly this is not a game for the little ones, but something for the adults to sink their teeth into.
Speaking of teeth, many of the zombies you’ll encounter are seriously freaky – some can scale walls and the ‘Smoker’ zombie can latch its tongue onto you. Freakier still is the game mode where you play as a zombie! Running with the infected is heaps of fun; just don’t get left for dead in the process.

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