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LEGO announces second series of VIDIYO stages, BeatBoxes & Bandmates
Tue, 4th May 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

This week LEGO announced the second series of figures and kits for the VIDIYO range. And it's not surprising that LEGO is once again on point with its amazing design aesthetic because the series is full of cute characters and setpieces.

The VIDIYO series, launched in January this year, brings together physical LEGO, augmented reality, apps and kids who can let their creativity run wild. Children can create LEGO-based music videos, complete with editing effects and wacky costume designs, to the tune of popular tracks from Universal Music's catalogue.

The latest range will include five new stage models, BeatBoxes, and new Bandmates.

There are five BeatBox genres this time: Candy Castle Stage, Robo HipHop Car, K-Pawp Concert, Punk Pirate Ship and The Boombox.

The two new beatboxes include Metal Dragon and Folk Fairy, which come with a Bandmate (Minifigure), two special BeatBits  (tiles that provide different effects and actions), and 14 random BeatBits.

The new BeatBits include Horse Carousel, Monster Organ, Magic Spell and Trapped in Jelly, but there are far more to choose from.

There are also 12 separate Bandmates (Minifigures) to collect, each of which comes with two BeatBits. The new Bandmates include Zombie Dancer; DJ Beatbox; Slime Singer; DJ Captain; Alien Dancer; Karaoke Mermaid; Dragon Guitarist; Vampire Bassist; Puppy Singer; DJ Rasp-Beary; Discowgirl Guitarist; and Carnival Dancer.

Once this new series is released, the entire VIDIYO series will include eight BeatBoxes, 18 Bandmates and 46 unique VIDIYO characters.

LEGO design manager Ross Christopher Haynes says, “We're thrilled to be unveiling these fantastic stage models as part of the LEGO VIDIYO line-up because they demonstrate the harmony between physical LEGO building and digital play. Not only are they fun to build and play with, with the Minifigure band members, but they also serve as ideal backgrounds to add an extra flair to kids' videos!

During the first VIDIYO launch in January, LEGO introduced an artist called L.L.A.M.A (Love, Laughter And Music Always). This artist was the first to release a track for the VIDIYO range. That track, Shake, is available for use through the app.

The BeatBoxes and Stage models will be available from 1 June. The new Bandmates will come a little later, on 1 August. New Zealand pricing is below.

  • 43108 Bandmates $5.99
  • 43109 Metal Dragon BeatBox $29.99
  • 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox $29.99 
  • 43111 Candy Castle Stage $44.99
  • 43112 Robo HipHop Car $44.99
  • 43113 K-Pawp Concert $89.99
  • 43114 Punk Pirate Ship $139.99
  • 43115 The Boombox $159.99