Lemmings Touch is deviously difficult but addictive

28 May 14

Lemmings Touch is the newest game in the popular franchise. This time, you have to try and save the dim-witted creatures on the PS Vita.

Lemmings was introduced to me when I was a kid. My brother was playing it on the computer and I remember being fascinated by its concept. This is because Lemmings are dumb little beings that don't know danger is literally in front of them. Trying to save them all can be a very hard mission to accomplish.

Lemmings Touch is the brand new PS Vita version and adds a few new features that I haven't seem from the series before. Before I begin talking about the game itself, one aspect I loved is that you can customize the look of your Lemmings. If you earn enough money, you can change the color of their hair and clothing. If you get sick of seeing their iconic green hair and blue overalls, you can give them pink hair and red overalls instead!

Lemmings Touch is great mainly because the touch screen allows you to interact with the game in new ways. Instead of tediously pointing and clicking on a computer mouse, you can now choose actions and move obstacles simply by touching the screen. It made the experience more user-friendly and the buttons on the screen are nice and big. You can even use your fingers to look around each of the levels to see the obstacles that lie ahead. As veteran Lemmings players know, they're not the smartest creatures alive.

If you've never played Lemmings before, the object of the game is to save the Lemmings from dying. There's an exit in every level, but many obstacles stand in their way. Even if there's a cliff, Lemmings will still walk to their death. It's the player's job to ensure they walk in the right direction to safely make it alive.

Lemmings Touch Screenshot

The game sounds easy on paper, but it can get ridiculously difficult. To help you in save the Lemmings, you can assign some of them special jobs. This may include a builder that will construct stairs or a digger that will create a tunnel. All this sounds rudimentary, but the level design is clever and the game's difficulty curves gets steeper the more you play it.

Graphically, Lemmings Touch is bright and colorful and the Lemmings themselves don't look too small. As a kid, I remember playing the old game and the Lemmings looked microscopic. Thankfully, they're bigger here and the PS Vita screen allows you to see them more clearly.

Lemmings Touch 3

A minor flaw about the game is that it can get too difficult. The learning curve steepens right after you complete the tutorial levels. There's over 100 levels in total, but completing the entire game will be a hard task. Be prepared to take your time as this won't be a game you can complete overnight.

Overall, Lemmings Touch adds several great new features to the series and is still enjoyable. It might be very hard for some gamers, but it's still very addictive. Lemmings veterans will enjoy this game more than others though.

Score: 8 out of 10

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