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Let's talk about your Facebook Addiction crisis...

22 Apr 14

Do you check Facebook every morning like the morning paper? Do you cry if your friend list gets smaller without you knowing? Is everything you eat or everywhere you go photographed and published on your Timeline?

Are you a Facebook addict? Don’t lie. Yes you are.

Some people have control over their Facebook addictions, while others just wish they could spend less time on it, or turn it off. Here are some tips to help you with your dependency issues.

Actually record how much time you spend on Facebook. You’ll be shocked at how much time you waste on that pretty blue site. I was. I thought I only went on Facebook for a couple of minutes at a time every couple hours at work.

Wrong. I would surely be told off if they found out. They might block me. Nooo.

It’s easy to check; every time you turn away from what you’re actually doing, set a timer. Stop the timer once you’re finished, and then add up all those “few” minutes over the course of the day, or week. It’ll be heaps.

Get some software that blocks you from Facebook on certain devices. Don’t download the app on your phone so you don’t have 24/7 access to it.

Or download and install one of the many software programs that let you block Facebook and other Internet time wasters from being accessible on your computer. Don’t fret; most programmes make it easy to unblock Facebook, too.

If you none of those things are curbing your cravings, deactivate Facebook for a while. You can go to your Facebook Account Settings page and click the last option -- delete Facebook account--to suspend your account until you're ready to rejoin.

This requires enormous self-control, since all you have to do to reactivate your Facebook is sign back in. But if you need to do this at all, you know you have a problem and need help. So give it a try.

If all else fails, just delete your account. I know, this is major drastic. You can do this by choosing the hidden delete Facebook option that the network offers but makes hard to find (obviously).

Even if you can’t last and have to open a new account two weeks later, at least you’ll be offline for a little while.

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