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Liberal Democrats' website hacked

18 Oct 10

The Liberal Democrat’s website is offline after it was hacked by protesters telling leader Nick Clegg not to break his pre-election promise about tuition fees.

The break-in occurred over the weekend and at time of writing the website was still down.

The Liberal Democrat's official website was unaffected, but the party is said to be looking at how this other site was hacked and vandalised.

Paul Vlissidis, Technical Director at software assurance firm NGS Secure, told V3 that the hack reinforces the “questionable track record political parties have when it comes to IT security”.

He said: “While this is obviously a prank intended to embarrass rather than be malicious, the ease at which political websites can seemingly be hacked does beg the question: ‘what information is kept on political websites? Once a server is compromised, all the information on it is at risk of exposure to hackers and if party member information sits on the server, it may necessitate a report to the ICO.”