FutureFive NZ - Little Big Planet “exciting news” turns out to be a competition

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Little Big Planet “exciting news” turns out to be a competition

Many people including myself have been excited to hear a stirring within the bowels of the Little Big Planet franchise and hope for an LBP3 announcement seemed imminent.

The company announced in the wee small hours of an “exciting announcement” regarding the LBP franchise.

Yet the LBP Twitter account has revealed what we can expect...

Instead of the new game announcement we were all hoping for, they tweeted: “We love each and everyone of you for your enthusiasm and passion for LBP but sadly we think you may of jumped the sack-gun on this occasion!

“We have some very cool news to share today about an awesome competition though!”

A further update would suggest that this competition will involve DLC as they tweeted: “It’s not long now until we announce our brand new competition! By the way…Who here likes Free DLC?”

So crushing blows for anybody who was expecting a new LBP release to be hitting the shelves any time soon.

Maybe on the other hand we should be grateful that a franchise such as this is still being supported and in this day and age free DLC is a bonus for just about anyone.

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