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Little Ones announces new 'digital employee' to help with baby sleep and nutrition
Fri, 12th Mar 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Little Ones, a provider of programmes aimed at achieving better sleep and nutrition for babies, has announced the launch of its new 'digital employee', which provides automated advice for the sleep and nutrition needs of babies.

The company provides a pay-walled community called ‘The Village', where families can chat to other parents and a trained, fully remote team of sleep specialists to help with crabby little ones, enabling parents to seek personalised advice at any time, anywhere.

Little Ones' new digital assistant, Lee, provides automated consultative care in chat through Little Ones' authenticated platform experience.

With numerous sleep programs on the market, Little Ones co-founders Amanda Sneddon and Nicky Barker are pioneers within their industry, reinvesting profits into continuous improvement of the program experience for their customers as an app, and now their digital sleep consultant Lee on desktop.

“We constantly ask our customers what they need and want, and created the app for our customers to use because it is so much more convenient for them,” says Sneddon.

“With the influx of more and more customers, it got to a point where we couldn't afford to make sales without placing too much pressure onto our consultants, so Lee is really important to help us support our customers as we scale, when the consultants can't be available because they're sleeping or to busy.

The unique element to Little Ones' conversations is that the customer's program data is sent upfront to Lee. This results in a more personalised conversation right from the start, as the bot already knows who the customer is, the names of their children and specific details that apply to the context of the conversation, such as their ages, and the programs they are using.

“Little Ones solve a very real problem. With up to four kids per family, hundreds of topics around sleep and nutrition care, these are complex and personalised conversations,” says Ambit founder and CEO Tim Warren.

“Ambit is proud to support the next step in their business and I cannot wait for Lee's launch on the mobile app version as well”.

“I'm glad it's been soft launched inside the desktop version, with rigorous testing passed first,” says Barker. “Launching Lee within the app will naturally be the next step to accommodate their customers.

“If we think about the age group that our customers fall into,” says Sneddon. “They are not strangers to this type of technology. It's second nature to them, and they're already comfortable with engaging with a bot.

Little Ones agree their measurement of success will be their ability to continue to grow the business while saving on expenditure, and generating additional revenue while improving the customer experience.

“We're looking forward to our parents feeling satisfied that they get the answers that will help them with what they're faced with at that hour of the morning,” says Barker.