FutureFive NZ - Local Star Wars TOR players given chance to transfer characters

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Local Star Wars TOR players given chance to transfer characters

Local fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic are being offered a chance to transfer characters they’ve built up on overseas servers to the servers in Asia Pacific, but only if players act fast.

In a message to SWTOR players in the region, publishers BioWare say kiwi players have until 4:01pm on April 24 to register their characters for transfer.

To qualify for the transfer, players will have to have purchased their copy of the game and entered their product registration code before February 28, which was just before the Asia Pacific servers went live. Characters created after this time don’t qualify for the transfers.

BioWare will begin processing the transfers at 10pm on April 24, and it may take up to seven days to complete them all. The transfers can take up to three hours, and during this time (the hours, not the days) players won’t be able to use those characters, or log on to that server.

Check out the SWTOR FAQ for more on how the transfers will work. We understand the registration page wasn’t working a short while ago but it should be live soon if it’s not already. 

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