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London Tube

London Tube is a comprehensive guide to travelling through London. This application includes official subway maps. London Tube map is licensed from Transport for London (TfL). Latest official map of London Tube with zones (2010). Landscape and portrait modes. Maps of all London Tube lines. Precise location of each station on the map (with a red circle). This application is fully compatible with Google Maps, each station is represented by a red pin, a popup shows you the distance, and it's updated live (thanks to GPS) as you walk in the streets of London! The journey planner tool allows you to find automatically the best route to get to your destination in London Tube. To get better Route results, please switch into Best Route in the settings. The journey planner does not require a network connection to operate, it works perfectly while in the subway. A bookmark manager allows you to save your stations and routes. The application locates the nearest Tube stations from your position in London. You can also provide an address in London, the application indicates the stations closest to that address. London Tube Your New Eye. This unique augmented reality functionality enables you to see the nearest stations and POI with iPhone's camera live view. Elements located at a distance less than 1km (0,621miles) only will be displayed. London Tube Service updates (Live travel news) are available. London Tube has added the push notification support that allows you to be notified in background, even if you have closed the application. This new feature allows you to receive Tube alerts in real time, when a disrupted line is detected, a notification is automatically sent to your iPhone or iPod Touch. A numbered badge to London Tube application icon shows the current number of disrupted lines. London Bus is available for the first time in the same application via in-app purchase. This option allows you to switch between the underground and bus systems at any time using the same application. This add-on includes the official (Central) London Buses map from TfL with the key bus routes, locates the nearest bus stations, and also offers a journey planner tool. London Tube is available in English, French, Spanish, Deutsch and Japanese.

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