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Lost Planet – PS3

On February the 26th the long awaited Playstation 3 version of Lost Planet was finally released. Announced over four months ago, this final version of the game includes all the special features of the other two versions: the downloadable content of the 360 and the bonus characters of the PC version. The game plays as well as it does on the 360, and feels very much the same. As a game that seems much more comfortable with a controller than a mouse, the PS3 version plays a lot better than the PC version, at least for me.  If there is a flaw here it’s that the 360 controller felt a little more natural but any difficulty you may have of course can always be fixed with a little tweaking of the controls.

The graphics seem more at ease on the PS3 when compared to PC. While a top of the line PC can totally thrash the games’ video demands, the graphics as a whole seem disjointed, and a little lacking in polish. However on the console it feels a lot more natural, and makes full use of the PS3’s console market leading power. The few bugs that plagued the game seem to be gone too, no doubt an advantage of its delayed release, so if you’re looking for a smoother experience in that regard then the advantage lies with this title.

Overall the PS3 port of Lost Planet is a well polished version of the game, and having played on all three platforms I would have to select the PS3 version as the best. It has all the naturalness of the 360 version, with all the extras offered by the 360 version and the highly customisable PC version. It would have been nice to have seen it released earlier, maybe closer to the other release dates but for those Sony purists out there, one of the great titles from 2007 is finally here for you.

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