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LulzSec claims an end to hacking campaign

LulzSec, the computer hacking group that has been causing chaos on the internet since May, has announced its members are dissolving the organisation.

However, questions remain over the motives of the dissolution, especially as it comes after the arrest of one supposed member in England last week.

The Saturday announcement gave no reason for the dissolution. However, after the announcement one LulzSec member told The Associated Press that the group is disbanding out of boredom, and not because of pressure from the FBI.

Although he denied fearing the authorities, he accepted that the group had been distracted by threats from rival groups, most notably Team Poison, to reveal personal information about his own group’s members.  

The unidentified man spoke in an anonymous interview over Skype, after confirming his affiliation with the group by posting a pre-arranged message to the LulzSec’s Twitter feed.

Three or four of LulzSec’s members are currently ‘taking a breather,’ the member says, and it is thought others who are keen to continue hacking may do so via the larger group Anonymous, famous for working to protect the Wikileaks website.

Read more about previous LulzSec attacks here and here.

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