24 Feb 2011
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MagnumMac Founder Murray Wood missing in quake - Updated

Reports are coming in by phone, email and facebook, that Murray Wood, founder of MagnumMac is still missing from yesterday's Christchurch earthquake.

Since selling MagnumMac to Renaissance in 2007, Wood has been spending more time at Canterbury TV (CTV). He is a director of the company, and according to his LinkedIn profile he holds the position of Managing Director.

A number of media reports regarding the Christchurch earthquake, centre around the collapse of the CTV building. Wood is understood to have been working in the building at the time of the quake.

The unofficial people finder service here, shows Wood as having a status of "unspecified".

Things are less clear on his long-term colleague Stephen Wright, who as well as working as Marketing Manager at MagnumMac, also worked with Wood at CTV.

Update: Although we have received no concrete confirmation that Mr Wood was actually in the CTV building at the time, Stuff.co.nz is reporting that search and rescue teams have halted their efforts in the collapsed CTV building.

Update 2: The New Zealand Herald has this morning reported that Murray Wood was one of 15 CTV staffers believed to have been killed inside their building on Madras St.

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