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Make the most of YouTube through your mobile phone

The continuing rise of smartphones that can access, upload and deliver YouTube content to your device via wireless or 3G connections is growing by the month. And we’re not talking about a dumbed-down service either.
Today’s phones can access your YouTube account just as you would if you were sat at home behind your desktop PC. The screen might not be as big as your monitor at home, but viewing HD videos on the crisp displays of iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy is an amazing experience in itself.
If your phone doesn’t come with a pre-installed YouTube mobile app, try searching your app store and download it manually. Here’s the best of what YouTube has to offer on your mobile:
Create a YouTube account
Log in to your YouTube account on your phone and access all your Favourites, Playlists and uploaded videos.
Personalised Home Page
Fill this page with your subscriptions, recommendations and friends’ activities for quick and easy access to only the latest content you’re interested in.
Upload videos
Yes, you can do this from your mobile phone. Just make sure you’re near a wi-fi point for faster uploading.
Quickly find videos you’re looking for with a streamlined search option.
Better Navigation List
Quickly get to your playlists, favourites, uploads and subscriptions via the new navigation list.
Community in your pocket
Favourite, share, rate, and comment on videos directly from the mobile website.
Keep watching
Discover "Related” videos for each video you watch on your phone.
High-quality video
You Tube says that its mobile site is now faster than ever, providing a smooth playback experience.

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