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Make your move

01 Feb 11

Moving house? If you’ve done it before, you already know what a drag it can be. Disconnecting and connecting power, telephone, gas, pay TV and internet, not to mention finding a moving company, insurance and all those other move services can make moving from A to B a taxing and stressful exercise.
There’s an alternative, however. Moveezy is a New Zealand company that can take care of all those loose ends with a simple phone call.
Not only that, but the Moveezy website has a selection of handy moving checklists to make sure you don’t forget a thing. You can easily look up who you have to notify of your move, and you can even send an e-card from the site, telling your friends and family that you’ve moved.
Moveezy is a free service with a paid option. They’ll organise all the above for you, free of charge, but if you’d like a full choice of utility providers, and the best priced energy provider, Moveezy can do that too for the nominal fee of $39.95.