21 May 2012
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Mark Zuckerberg dons tie for surprise wedding

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg copped a lot of flak for not wearing a coat and tie when presenting his company to investors on Wall Street in advance of last Friday’s Initial Public Offering.

Apparently he was saving his best clothes for his wedding, held the day after the IPO in a surprise ceremony attended by around 100 guests.

Zuckerberg and his bride, Priscilla Chan, married at their home in Palo Alto, California, on May 19, after nine years together.

Guests were told the event was a party to celebrate Chan’s graduation from medical school.

Both bride and groom updated their statuses shortly afterwards to ‘married’; from her profile it seems 27-year-old Chan won’t be adopting her husband’s surname.

It capped off a big week for Zuckerberg, who has turned 28 on Monday the 14th.

837,669 people have so far ‘liked’ Zuckerberg’s announcement on his Timeline.

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