FutureFive NZ - Mass Effect 2 update "optimises" planet scanning

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Mass Effect 2 update "optimises" planet scanning

If there's one thing that's currently preventing me from my third playthrough of Mass Effect 2, it's the daunting prospect of scanning planets for a third time. However, it sounds like mineral hunting just became that little bit less tedious.

An update has been announced on the BioWare forums that will increase not only the speed of a player’s planet scanning – both the movement of the reticule and that of the planet itself – but also the area covered by the scanning reticule.


The patch update also addresses the following issues:

Fixed an issue with marking all entries as viewed in the Journal

Fixed an issue relating to text and the menu screen

Fixed an issue relating to players starting a new game and loading a save

Fixed multiple issues when loading a save containing DLC when DLC isn't present

Fixed an issue with ammo flashing when it can't be picked up

Fixed an issue with crosshairs

Fixed an issue with Grunt's Fortification power

Fixed an issue with enemies and cover

Fixed an issue where players could receive additional talent points

Fixed an issue where squad members would overwrite ammo powers the player had assigned them

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