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Mass Effect fans respond to Extended Cut announcement

10 Apr 12

So, we return to Mass Effect 3 following the announcement by developers BioWare that they will be releasing an ‘Extended Cut’ DLC pack to address the harsh criticism the game’s ending has drawn.

Made just before the Easter break, the announcement included a statement by Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka that the DLC will strike a balance between appeasing angry players ‘while maintaining the team’s artistic vision’.

Later, in a post on the BioWare blog, the company clarified that the DLC will offer extended scenes that ‘provide additional context and deeper insight’ into the existing conclusion, but not variations or alternative endings.

"BioWare strongly believes in the team’s artistic vision for the end of this art of the Mass Effect franchise,” the post reads. 

Fans, unsurprisingly, have been unimpressed with this compromise, Krista Hauser from Retake Mass Effect telling Forbes that a large portion of the gaming community feel a complete rewrite is ‘the only acceptable solution’. 

"The general consensus is one of stiff skepticism,” Hauser says.

"Many feel that a simple ‘clarification’ of the current endings will not be enough to address the various concerns of the Mass Effect fan base.”

I have to say, it’s not what the new ending will be that’s bothering me, it’s the fact that Mass Effect fans have really just thrown a good old fashioned tantrum – and Bioware have crumbled in true ‘modern parent’ fashion.

Although no release date for the DLC has yet been given, it should be out sometime this year and will be available free of charge on all platforms.

Do you think BioWare have made the right move in succumbing to their fans? Are you disappointed you aren’t getting an entirely new ending? Let us know how you feel about this announcement below.

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