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Maxnet sub-brand lets content consumers get their Fyx

08 May 2012

High-end ISP Maxnet has launched a sub-brand called Fyx promising to let users access the internet ‘the way nature intended’.

Available for a flat 34c per GB on top of a base of $34.34 per month (or $59.34 per month on naked DSL), Fyx’s most notable point of difference is its ‘global mode’, which the company says offers access to ‘more international website and internet-based services than any other ISP in New Zealand’.

"There is a bunch of stuff on the internet that a few of us didn’t have the freedom to access (without stealing it, and we aren’t into that),” reads the blurb on the Fyx website.

"So we decided to Fyx the internet be removing some of the barriers that were getting in the way of great choice.”

The lack of access to online content has long been a refuge of illegal content downloaders, who claim that if they could use sites like Netflix and Hulu they wouldn’t have to resort to other means, such as torrent sites. 

However, although one content downloading service, Quickflix, has recently launched in New Zealand, its catalogue falls well short of those of the big US players. 

As far as Fyx goes, the website is careful to note that the company is an ISP ‘first and foremost’.

"We are not a content provider; we just do our hardest give you access and freedom that you deserve [sic].

"Ultimately, we are about access and openness for kiwis.”

Since the launch, the Fyx team have posted a three-part tweet that reads, "We need to say very specifically that we are providing a service that gives much greater access 2 the internet. The user needs to be very aware of terms and conditions on any website they go to, whether it is in New Zealand or elsewhere.”

Check out the Fyx website and let us know what you think - will you be signing up?