10 Jul 2012
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MEA Mobile - World Class Apps

By Angelique Jurd

Yet again a New Zealand company is showing everyone how it’s done when it comes to creating world class apps.

Billed as one of New Zealand’s largest mobile app developers MEA Mobile MEA counts clients such as  Levi's, Rip Curl, MTV Press, Jasons and Westpac in its profile.

With over 50 different apps in the app store, the company celebrated their anniversary in June by making the entire portfolio available free for 48 hours. Within hours they held four out of the top 10 photography spots in the USA. In France they placed simultaneously at #1, #2, #4 and #6.

Among the apps is iSupr8, described as ‘instagram for iPhone video’, Adobe Revel, and Speed Machine.

MEA Mobile director, Rodney McFarlane will be talking to Techday later this week about how the company’s success and where they go to from here.

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