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Mega copyright warnings for Dotcom

Kim Dotcom's newly launched Mega.co.nz site has been hit with 150 copyright notices, less than two weeks after going live.

The file-sharing site, which went live on January 20, is alleged to be hosting copyrighted content according to Dotcom's lawyer Rick Shera.

But one of the key features of Dotcom's new site, believed to keep it safe from US Government authorities is that the Mega team cannot see what users are sharing or storing online.

With Mega and Dotcom in a position to claim blissful ignorance it seems, Shera says a cloud-storage provider would not usually investigate the alleged infringements providing the notice was within the law.

"Normally you would look at [the notice] and obviously there are provisions for the copyright owner to swear under penalty of perjury in the United States or to swear in New Zealand that the information is correct," Shera told New Zealand Herald.

"If the notices are delivered correctly then it will act on them."

Less than 24 hours after the launch, Dotcom said his new site “cannot be stopped", with Mega passing one million users, 100,000 of the registering coming with the first hour.

50 million files

Meanwhile, the Mega website is not hosting 50 million files, with only 0.001% actually infringing any copyright laws according to Dotcom.

Taking to his twitter account, the founder tweeted:

“MASSIVE non-infringing use!”

Dotcom also confirmed that Mega is currently experiencing 50 content take-downs per day, which is currently well short of Google's 450,000 daily occurrence.

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