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Mega questions answered

Following Kim Dotcom's new file-sharing service launch yesterday, check out the frequently asked questions of Mega.co.nz.

“I’m sure you guys have a lot of questions," Dotcom said during his speech yesterday.

And it was his team of helpers who took to the stage at his Coatesville mansion to offer an insight into the new site, answering any questions in the process.

Q: “When will Megabox launch? And the other associated websites?”
A: “It will be six months. I am a perfectionist and want to get this right.”

Q: “How will you stop Megaupload happening again?”
A: “We have scrutinized every pixel to ensure it’s built from the ground up to adhere to the law.”

Q: Because our silly government was involved in the arrest, will they stand accountable for the destruction of your business?”
A: My feeling is the government has been mislead by this case. I hope there will be some resolution. I am not a criminal. I have done nothing wrong.”

Q: “Will content storage turn into content delivery?”
A: “Yes! It will – it’s content distribution. Down the road, it’s our goal. Watch this space.”

Q: “I’m asking where does an email go if it disappears?”
A: “Dev:null”

Q: “How much of the dev work of Mega was done off-shore? How much do you think you’ll utilize the NZ laborforce?”
A: “The dev work was done by Mattias and Bram. Megaupload had 220 employees worldwide when shut down.

These guys lost their jobs when shut down without payment. We are going to rehire all of those who want to come back to us. We plan to make a few hundred jobs in New Zealand.”

Q: “Is it fair to call it a startup? Or is it more a of a reboot?”
A: “Nothing that was in Megaupload is part of this. We built it from the ground up.”

Q: “What can young people expect from Mega?”
A: “It was always my goal to provide a platform for knowledge and education. Piracy so common that all internet companies have to deal with these issues.

If you go to Google, you will get the piracy results. If someone speeds with the car he just bought, you don’t shut him down.”

Dotcom told fans the site would pay certain customers to upload their files but stressed limitations where in place to ensure piracy does not occur, failing to reward files larger than 100MBs.

"Have you ever downloaded a movie larger…they don’t exist," he said.

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