Men dig hole in wall, steal $300,000 worth of iPhones

19 Jan 15

Three men have dug a hole through a Beijing warehouse and have stolen $300,000 worth of iPhones.

AppleInsider has reported that Beijing police have arrested the men. They currently stand accused of stealing 240 iPhone 6 units, after digging a 50 centimeter hole through the wall of a warehouse owned by a Chinese logistics firm.

According to Xinhua, a state-owned news agency in Beijing, one of the men was previously a driver for the company and sold the devices for money which was used to buy cars and gold and fund gambling.

The men who stole the iPhones were tracked down with the help of the serial numbers on the phones althought details of the investigation remain confidential.

Earlier this month, in a separate instance, a man was arrested at the Hong Kong border for trying to smuggle 94 iPhones into mainland China.

The man was carrying the phones strapped to his body, and he was eventually detained because the border guards noticed his unnatural posture and walk. He was taken into custody at Futian, in Shenzhen.

Recently there have been reports on the lack of available iPhones and other Apple devices in Hong Kong and an increasing demand in China as a whole.

It is said it’s common for customers to buy an iPhone 6 through the reserve system in China, and be waiting for two months. Reports say this has contributed to scalping and electronic bootlegging of Apple products, namely iPhones.

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