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01 Aug 08

THE final chapter in the saga of Solid Snake sees him travelling the world in pursuit of his arch nemesis, Liquid   Ocelot. Who comes up with these names? For gamers new to MGS it’s a third-person perspective tactical  espionage game. You basically have to creep around and avoid being seen by enemy guards, while getting from  point A to point B. Almost every reviewer has given this game top marks. Yes it’s good, but man it’s over the top. Every few minutes there’s a distracting cutscene about some weirdo named General who’s gone bad and    works as a mercenary in some far-off location. Then 10 cutscenes later we find out he’s a double agent; realising even later he’s actually a triple agent. Confused? I’m not one to spoil a plot but there are so many of them all   intertwined - political speculation, betrayal, dramatic deaths, romance - it’s hard to keep up! As we’ve come to   expect from the series, flawless graphics, sound and gameplay, plus the addition of online play make it an essential purchase. Just make sure you have a pen and paper handy to keep up with the convoluted storyline.