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Microsoft leaps on Google dissent

In a classic piece of tech opportunism, Microsoft has leapt on the brewing dissent surrounding Google’s new privacy policy, taking full-page ads in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reminding people about its own suite of everyday tools: Hotmail, Bing, Office 365 and Internet Explorer.

"If you haven’t tried these Microsoft products and services, give ‘em a shot,” vice president of corporate communications Frank Shaw writes in a jaunty blog post.

"If you’ve tried them before and moved on, come on back. We’ve left the light on for you.”

It’s not all tongue-in-cheek humour, with Shaw’s descriptions of Microsoft’s tools including some veiled and not-so-veiled barbs:

Hotmail: Join the hundreds of millions of people who enjoy not worrying about the content of their private emails being used to serve ads.

Bing: The search engine that gives you great experiences using the whole web.

Office 365: The award-winning online collaboration solution for businesses who don’t want their documents and mail used to benefit advertisers.

Internet Explorer: The world’s most popular browser, now with tracking protection, offering controls over your privacy as you browse.

It's a sharp move from Microsoft, and is sure to nab a few people who would previously have written off the products as outdated. 

Are Google’s privacy changes enough to make you switch your defaults back to Microsoft?  Post your comments below.

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