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Microsoft may bring back Clippy

Microsoft says it is considering bringing back a much loved icon for
PC users, and is asking the public to give its views on whether it should

Clippy, the animated paper clip (officially called the Office
Assistant), used to pop up in earlier versions of Microsoft Office with various prompts
and tips. It was last incorporated in the 2003 version of Office.

“Clippy was fundamental in helping users discover the key
features of Office. The applications haven’t been the same without him,” said
Anne Taylor, Information Worker Business Group Manager, Microsoft New Zealand.
“Feedback gathered by our product team indicates that many users share a common
sentiment to see him return. We’re asking the public to help us decide.”

Microsoft New Zealand has put together an online poll to
gather further opinion on re-integrating Clippy into the local version of the
Office 2010 release when it is launched. Users are encouraged to visit
www.microsoft.co.nz/roadwarriors and register their feedback. The poll is also
available on the Facebook pages of the Microsoft Office 2010 Road Warriors, who
will solicit further input from the field.

UPDATE: Since this story appeared, some readers have suggested this was just an April Fool prank by Microsoft. However, the survey is there, for those who care to take it, although Microsoft New Zealand's PR agency now says that “at this stage in the Office 2010 process it is unlikely that he (Clippy) will be making an appearance”.

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