Microsoft to replace codes for early Alan Wake DLC redeemers

27 Jul 10

Remedy has announced on its Twitter account that replacement DLC codes for Alank Wake's recently released episode 'The Signal' will be sent out to those who've prematurely attempted to redeem it.

As an incentive to encourage first-hand purchases of the recent psychological thriller Alan Wake, a code was included for the first downloadable episode free of charge (where otherwise it will cost the user 560 Microsoft Points to download). However, the code contained no warning as to when it could be redeemed, which has led many users to prematurely attempt to activate the code.

"If you've redeemed your code prior to release Microsoft will be sending out new codes to you via your email on XBL," said Remedy via Twitter. In order to receive a replacement code you must ensure that there is a valid email address tied to your Xbox LIVE gamertag.

Here is the latest trailer for Alan Wake's 'The Signal'.

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