Microsoft "will kill Sony" at E3

04 Jun 13

After a lacklustre announcement, it seems Microsoft has decided to take a more aggressive approach to the console war.

New comments from a couple of Microsoft executives suggest that they’re planning to pull out all the stops at E3.

Microsoft’s director of global marketing says they will bring their A game to the expo which is now just days away.

“Xbox One will surprise the world during E3,” he says. “We will kill Sony at E3.”

Perhaps a bit of a strong attitude, but at least we know the company is motivated.

Meanwhile, chief of staff for Microsoft’s IEB division Aaron Greenberg says they are most definitely paying attention to the criticism they receive.

“Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback,” he tweeted.

“We are definitely listening. [The] mood is positive, [it’s] good to be able to start sharing what we are doing.

"But [there are] too many details to cover in one day. Stay tuned.”

He added that although the Xbox One announcement showed very few games, E3 will not follow that formula.

“[There are] are a lot of assumptions [being made] but very little based on facts.

"We will share more at E3. We will get it right. Trust me our system is made by gamers for gamers. E3 is all about the games. Cannot wait to share with everyone!”

This will theoretically address many of the criticisms levelled at Microsoft after the announcement, including that the new console was being marketed as glorified television, with very few games.

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