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Mighty Ape’s wish list present

12 Dec 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

It’s less than two weeks til Christmas, the time when the pressure to find the perfect gift can start to mount, and every present starts to look either too boring or too bizarre.

Online retailer Mighty Ape is keen to help, offering a Wish List service that works like a wedding registry, allowing users to create a list of gifts they’d like and to share that list with family and friends.

There are already just under 50,000 customers using the service, wishing for 519,528 items. At over 10 per person that should offer plenty of scope and a good range of prices – plus, users who update their Wish List before December 22 will also be put in a draw to win a random product from their list courtesy of Mighty Ape. 

Check out the Mighty Ape website for more.

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