FutureFive NZ - Million Mega users after day one

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Million Mega users after day one

Kim Dotcom believes Mega "cannot be stopped" after his new file-sharing service passed one million users in less than 24 hours yesterday.

After making the website live from 6:48am, Dotcom made reference to the high demand, tweeting at 7:40am:

"100,000 registered users in less than 1 hour. Fastest growing startup in Internet history? #Mega."

An hour later, he followed up with:

"Site is still overloaded. Massive demand. Incredible. I am so happy. Thank you for using #Mega."

In typical Dotcom fashion, the tweets kept on coming:

"250,000 user registrations. Server capacity on maximum load. Should get better when initial frenzy is over. Wow!!!"

But as users complained of frozen pages and the site's inability to load or upload material, Dotcom again took to the social networking site, tweeting:

"Site is extremely busy. Currently thousands of user registrations PER MINUTE."

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