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Ministry videos to help deaf education
Tue, 28th Apr 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Ministry of Education has released the last of a series of videos containing guidance for deaf youth and others involved in their education.

The Ministry of Education last year held a National Deaf Youth Hui, bringing together deaf youth aged 12 years and over from around New Zealand.

“New Zealand's deaf youth have unique learning experiences that offer valuable insights for all involved in their education,” the Ministry says in a post on the Ministry of Education website.

Held in Auckland, the Ministry says the hui created an environment in which the attendees could share what worked for them in education and learning, while providing advice for and connecting with their deaf peers.

“One of its key aims was to look at how deaf students, schools and the Ministry could better work together to make education a more positive experience for everyone.

The Ministry has used the insights gained from the hui to inform its New Zealand Sign Language project work, which includes the NZSL@School initiative, set up in 2014, when the government announced $11m of new funding for NZSL programmes. It is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Education and the Combined Board of Kelston and van Asch Deaf Education Centres.

A series of short videos were created after the hui, which included stories from the school experiences of some of the hui participants, and useful guidance and tips for deaf youth and others involved in their education.

The last video in the series, You to Me; Me to You – Youth, has now been completed. The video encourages deaf youth to ‘make sure you grab the opportunities available to you before it's too late' and ‘step forward and stand up for what you need'.

It promotes the importance of deaf youth being prepared and proactive in their own education, and of connecting with other deaf youth.

Brian Coffey from the Ministry of Education's NZSL team, reflecting on the series of videos, says that, “no two students are the same, or learn in the same way, but the sharing of the story of the hui and the stories of the deaf youth involved can help to create positive learning experiences for others.

“So take a look and see what helps these inspirational New Zealand deaf youth confidently say ‘I am deaf and I am proud'”.