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MLB 14: The Show Hits A Home Run

14 Apr 2014

Sony's MLB: The Show series is now the premier baseball game to get since 2K Sports retired its MLB 2K franchise. MLB 14: The Show is more proof that the series is not going away anytime soon.

MLB 14: The Show is a great showcase for every baseball fan out there. EA might have a stranglehold on most other sport titles, but Sony has worked its way up making sure its MLB: The Show series is the best baseball simulation out there.

In terms of the actual gameplay itself, MLB 14: The Show caters for both beginners and experienced players. I've only been introduced to the series last year, but found myself loving every minute of playing MLB 13: The Show.

MLB 14: The Show is more or less the same, but it does improve in some areas and of course has the usual roster updates.

For beginners, there is a helpful training system that allows you to go through the game's controls and basically let you know what the rules of baseball are.

I haven't watched or played baseball for over seven years so it was helpful that the game allowed me to familiarise with the sport itself before I actually started playing the main game.

MLB 14 The Show Screen 2

Getting to grips with playing the game is not very hard once you get used to the game's mechanics. Batting can be hard at first, but it can be very satisfying once the right player steps up and can give you that home run. David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox is always a good player since he has a lot of power and accuracy.

It's not surprising that my first home run that I got was courtesy of him. I have to admit, getting good hits doesn't happen all the time which can be annoying. This isn't really an issue with the game, it's more just the nature of the sport itself.

In terms of modes, the one thing I love to do most is the Home Run Derby. Again, choosing the right player will give you lots of home runs and makes this mode great fun. I was playing as former Home Run Derby contestant Josh Hamilton and scored over 21 home runs.

When I played with Derek Jeter, he only managed to get only five home runs. The best thing about this mode is that you can go online and challenge others players too.

Another popular mode is the "Road to the Show". It's a great mode because you only play as an individual as opposed to the whole team. Your goal is to create a nobody and turn him into a huge MLB star.

The mode is quite lengthy, but very entertaining. You will need to brush up on your batting and fielding skills in order to succeed in this mode that's for sure.

MLB 14 The Show Screen 1

If there's anything bad to say about MLB 14: The Show, it's that the game is just another yearly update. Apart from the roster updates, nothing really stands out from MLB 13: The Show.

Even the graphics are basically the same (PS3 and PS Vita tested) from last year. Not to mention the loading times are a bit slower this year for some reason.

Aside from a few niggles, MLB 14: The Show truly delivers a high quality experience that no other baseball game can provide. With 2K Sports no longer making baseball games, MLB 14: The Show is the only game you should get if you are a baseball fan. No other game comes close to its realism and fun factor.

Score: 8 out of 10