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Mobile data streaks ahead

27 Nov 09

Mobile internet continues strong growth around the world, with the latest report from browser developer Opera showing its users generated more than 263 million megabytes of data in October alone.
Opera Mini compresses data by up to 90%, enabling users to save on their mobile internet bills. The company reports that in October 39.6 million people used Opera Mini to view 17.2 million pages. That represents an increase of over 155% on the number of users in October 2008.
Among the top ten countries for Opera Mini usage are Russia, China, Ukraine and the US. Although New Zealand isn’t in that group, mobile operators here are investing in upgrading their networks to enable a future where internet usage will be increasingly via a mobile network.
Vodafone and Telecom have upgraded their 3G networks with HSPA+ capability, which will mean users can achieve data speeds of up to 21Mbps. In addition, 2degrees has announced it will be upgrading to a 3G network in the new year.