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Mobotix premium solution hits App Store

11 Mar 2013

Mobotix has today released a free app for iPhone and iPad, which lets businesses and home users control their video security systems no matter where they are in the world.

Available through the App Store, the app is designed to improve everyday convenience and security for users.

Mobotix says users can access their video systems anytime from anywhere in the world and have mobile Internet access via WLAN (Wi-Fi) or UMTS/3G.

As just one example, a personal home or small business could have a T24 door station installed, and be able to talk to people at their front door (two-way communication), access a 180 degree view of their property, and actually let people in if they desire, all remotely via the app.

Bandwidth-Optimised Video Display:

With the App, it is easy to establish an intercom connection with cameras that have microphones and loudspeakers, working both for local networks and for remote access.

The recordings from individual cameras and camera groups can be filtered by events or chronology and played back via the integrated video player.

Intelligent App Detects WLAN (Wi-Fi) Networks Automatically:

The App automatically detects all cameras connected to the local network, while cameras that are outside of the local network can be connected via DynDNS.

Once set up, the App remembers all the settings and automatically switches to the right configuration as soon as the iPhone/iPad joins a familiar WLAN network.

For example, if the App detects the home WLAN network, transmission will proceed according to the settings configured for this network.

Similarly, when the user changes location and uses the iOS device via WLAN in a place such as their office or vacation home, the access settings for this are switched to automatically.

Control And Management of T24 IP Video Door Station:

The App automatically provides mobile notifications when someone rings the doorbell, as well as offering options for two-way communication with the visitor and for remote door opening.

Access Rights And Security:

To avoid any unauthorised access to Mobotix video systems in the event of theft or loss, the device owner can set up a security PIN for accessing the App.

Individual App functions can also be PIN-locked for persons that have access to the iOS device but should not have all user rights.