08 Feb 2012
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Mortal Kombat collection hits PC

PC gamers looking for a slice of nostalgia, a mouthful of blood and some gory beat ‘em up action will be pleased to hear the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is now available for digital download.

The Kollection includes the original Mortal Kombat arcade trilogy of Mortal Kombat, MK 2 and Ultimate MK 3 in one single download. 

All three games have contributed to the vast legacy of Mortal Kombat, with a plethora of memorable characters including Raiden, Scorpio and Sub-Zero.

Fans of the originals will know that all three games were controversial upon release for the sheer amount of blood and guts visible on screen – MK 2 was awarded the title of bloodiest game of 1994 by EGM, and Jax’s ‘Arm Rip’ fatality was rated the tenth best gore effect in video game history by IGN.

In fact the original Mortal Kombat was one of a wave of violent video games released between 1992 and 1993 that led to the introduction of the Entertainment Software Rating Board – a rating system still used today.

This collection won’t skimp on the violence either – with all the same characters and over-the-top ways of killing your opponents, the PC collection will also feature online play, leaderboards, achievements and trophies. 

The Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is available for download via Steam, Gamestop’s Impulse, Direct2Drive, Gametap and others now. 

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