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Motorcycle game Ride suffers slight release date delay

17 Mar 15

Motorcycle video game, Ride, has received a slight release date delay for New Zealand gamers. 

Ride was supposed to be crossing the finish line in March. It will now have a release date in New Zealand on April 7th, 2015. 

Ride includes the following features:

The Bikes
In RIDE, there are over 100+ bikes available under four different classes. Even the electic bikes are available. The catagories are:
-Naked Bikes
-Supersports Bikes
-Historical Bikes

Bike Customization 
Customize your bike just like you like it. Change appearance, component and upgrades via five main categories - Appearance, Transmission, Brakes and Suspension, Wheels and Engine

RIDE will feature 15 tracks with each track having up to 3 different paths. Race on 7 Grand Prix Circuits or explore 5 routes through beautiful landscapes from around the world. Additionally try the 2 dedicated city circuits and a Special Track where expert riders can test their skills and push themselves beyond the limit.

-You can customise and upgrade every aspect of your bike. Just change it's look or improve it's performance with new parts.
-Drag Racing - Select the right setup, change gears at the right moment and reach the end of the straight in the lowest time possible.
-Realistic articial intelligence, Adjustable bike physics, Realistic animations, Slip stream and imptoved damage system
-Async Multiplayer Modes - Many of the events of the World Tour can be raced only by teams of two or more riders of the same Motoclub. Those riders' behavior will be modeled after your friends performance.